DYI cap -toe shoes

 Imagehow to make those type of shoes more interesting


budhha Necklace made out of knits

budhha Necklace made out of knits

Money does not equal creativity .
Im’ really into Buddha i just find it interesting and i found this little Buddha bead thingy in a candle my mom brought and i fell in love with it . I always wanted a Buddha necklace so i decided and instead of buying one i can just use my rainbow knitting thingy to make a one instead of buying one for 50 bucks , and it looked really nice to my surprise a lot of my friends actually wanted me to make one for them so they could buy it from me .


A little bit about myself.

A lot of diverse things inspire me . i’ve always wanted to create a fashion blog but i was kind of clueless. Fashion is what’s i’m interested . This blog will include a lot of diverse things such a DYI , my outfits of the days and  the pictures that i take  , my sketches , stuff that i will be selling, my goals and my perspective on different things that has to do with fashion. I’m a 15 year old girl who want to become a fashion designer and i ‘ve figure one of the best thing i can do now is  to get more ideas and to see my improvements from beginning( sophomore year )  till senior year.